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Covid Update

Did You Know? - Covid Update

Some tidbits from Dr. Lisa Allgood, Transitional Presbyter in Cincinnati Presbytery and immunologist

So what can I do with vaccinations…?!? (and other “why can’t we just throw open the sanctuary” questions)

  • A vaccination is not a magic cape

  • Even 95% efficacy means that statistically 19 out of 20 people are effectively covered by the vaccine but 1 in 20 is not

  • Vaccines are less effective against variants

  • Being vaccinated means it’s unlikely YOU will become seriously ill, but there is still a chance you can catch a variant and/or be infectious (be a virus carrier)

CDC recommends that masks and distancing remain in effect until the average number of new cases in the US drops below 10,000/day – the last time that happened was March 2020. We are currently at 70,000 new cases per day.

  • Herd immunity is defined as 70-90% of the entire population vaccinated (not just your congregation)

  • 20% of the population is below 18 and therefore not eligible for vaccination yet (current vaccines are for 16 and above)

  • Statistically that means even if all who are eligible are vaccinated, >25% is not covered until vaccines are approved for 4 and above

  • Herd immunity won’t really come until 2022

Latest CDC recommendations for vaccinated individuals:

  • Individuals who are fully vaccinated (at least two weeks past last shot) may safely gather unmasked but only with family and small groups who are in low risk categories

  • Fully vaccinated people must still wear masks, socially distance and avoid larger gatherings in a public setting

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